It’s Foodie Friday! Take a look at the photo and have a guess where in the world you might find this traditional dish. Remember it’s extra points for details, random foodie facts and travel related stories. We’ll reveal the answer and announce the winner on our Facebook page later…

Well done Cheryl! The answer was indeed Buuz, the Mongolian steamed dumpling filled with minced mutton, or beef and seasoned with onion, garlic and herbs. Breakfast and lunch are the biggest and most important meals of the day for Mongolians and these usually consist of boiled mutton with lots of fat and flour, washed down with a generous amount of salted milky tea made with fermented mare’s milk, butter and roasted millet (süütei tsai). As an old Mongolian saying advises: “Keep breakfast for yourself, share lunch with your friend and give dinner to your enemy”! To name a few variations of this delightful dumpling…. we have the Tibetan Momo, the Turkish or Armenian Manti, the Polish Pierogi, the Russian Pelmeni, the Korean Mandu, the Chinese Jiaozi, the Japanase Gyoza and, as Hossein kindly informed us, the Georgian Khinkali. Let us know your favourite! 


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