One egg or two? It’s Foodie Friday, so take a look at the photo and have a guess where in the world you might find this traditional dish served. Remember it’s extra points for details, random foodie facts and travel related stories. We’ll reveal the answer and announce the winner on our Facebook page later…

Good guess Calum, but it’s not an egg McMuffin! The answer was Loco Moco - a classic Hawaiian “plate lunch” that typically consists of a beef patty and fried egg over white rice, drowned in lashings of brown gravy. Importing the island-style dish to LA has recently resulted in a pretty funny culture clash. For those that have never heard of the traditional Loco Moco, pointed out that the word “moco” means “snot” or “boogers” in the Spanish language… and we all know what “loco” means. Crazy snot burger anyone?!


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